Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I did it!

I cleaned my craft room yesterday! Woweee!! I can see the tabletop now! YAY!!! What a relief that is! I am so proud of myself. I should have taken a before/after picture. You would not believe it. I threw out a bunch of stuff and rearranged things. I was even able to mend three items that had broken - I used my hot-glue gun and was so happy to have the room to make the fix. My sewing machine was unearthed and I found some do-dads I forgot I had. Battenburg lace, anyone? No clue why I had a section of that lying around. I bought it for some project long forgotten. I am so happy to have my tabletop again! Now there is room for scrapbooking and sewing and whatever else I choose to do.