Thursday, April 15, 2010

Moving sooner than later?

Please say it ain't so!!

Yesterday afternoon the weather was absolutely gorgeous, so husband and I went for a walk. I work from home (YAY!), so taking an hour-long walk on my lunch break is fabulous. We talked about job possibilities for him and we talked about buying bricks for the retaining wall. He wondered who, of the people he knew, had a dump truck he could borrow so he could go get some gravel. We talked about where we would like to live. The southern part of the state? The northern part? A different state altogether? I told him that he needed a job first before we even began to think about relocating. Can't exactly buy a house on my income alone. He said something like buying anyway seeing as how we'd want to move anyhow. Eh... what?

Here is the plan:

Well, this is the plan that came up yesterday so it could very well change tomorrow! We continue to live in this house for another year and complete the projects that sit unfinished (retaining wall being one of them). If he gets the job he is thinking of, he will get a nice income and we'll be able to either save or pay off debt and he's thinking that in a year we should be better off financially and will be able to put $10K down on a property. Gee, I hope so!

This idea kind of stresses me out when I look at all the stuff in the house that needs to go. Hence that giant list I made yesterday, well, the giant part of it was the stuff I want to do versus the need to do. Makes me think my free time will be spent doing a lot of cleaning out. That will be good for the house, though. I cleaned out a lot of stuff from my craft room by posting it on Freecycle and I sold furniture on Craigslist. A lot of stuff went to Goodwill. You know how it is, people accumulate stuff and then realize things haven't been used in a while, so why hang on to them? So... yeahhh... I had a lot of fun clearing off shelves and making little piles of things to post on Freecycle. I can do that again!

Anyway, I don't know if we are on the one-year plan or what, but this is a step in the right direction. Who wants to move all that stuff? Gotta get rid of it!

Side note: Husband and I took a walk yesterday afternoon and saw our neighbor's chickens all hanging out under a pine tree. Silly little things! I want chickens! A house down the hill has chickens and a turkey! That thing gobbles and makes me laugh. Love it!

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