Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Red and Shiny and hopefully mine?

Yesterday I entered Ree Drummond's Kitchenaid stand mixer giveaway. All I had to do was comment on her blog post in the Cooking section of her website. I think my comment was on page 90 and there were a few thousand entries prior to mine. The winners are to be announced sometime this evening. When I looked today, to perhaps see if she posted the winners, I see that she hasn't because, I'm a-thinking, there are upwards of 59,499 comments! I would not like to be her, or whoever she has, reading them. Good grief! I guess a lot of people want that mixer.


  1. I hate when that happens. I wonder what the odds are of winning when that many people enter.

    (by the way - it's Debbie! I'm following your blog now)

  2. Zero, Debbie! I've figured that out. When she was giving away clothes from her closet, people came out in droves to win them. Other bloggers thought it was disgusting that she was giving away her sweaty clothes, but hey, she has cool stuff and there's this thing called a washing machine...