Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's Fall. It's Cold

I originally tried posting this on September 27 but Blogger was having issues, so I'm trying again: You know when it's Fall when the leaves change on the trees, right? And they fall to the ground and then the trees look all ugly and scraggly? That is happening in my neck of the woods. And the house is cold. It is cold because we don't use the furnace. We use the woodstove. Remember last year's posts about the stove? Let's not go there right now.

The woodstove is currently empty and cold. Today's afternoon temps are supposed to be 74, so we opted not to get a fire going. However, I sit in the house, working away at the computer, feeling a slight chill. I've made a pot of decaf (I've already caffeinated myself, but I wanted a large amount of ready-made hotness to be waiting whenever I needed it) and am trying to warm myself up.

In a few hours, for my lunch break, I'll turn on the Wii and play Just Dance 2 for a bit - that'll warm me up right quick!

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