Sunday, November 16, 2014

Different Dinners

Tonight we decided to eat out of the freezer, to some extent. My husband pulled a 12-pack of English muffins out of the freezer because they were in the way of something needing to go in, and when I saw them on the counter, I said that it would be fun to make mini pizzas out of them. That's what we did.

I should have taken pictures of the preparation, but it was so simple. He placed 12 halves on a foil-lined cookie sheet, then spread leftover homemade spaghetti sauce on top. After that, he placed salami (we often have small packages of salami in the fridge) over the sauce. The topping should have been mozzarella cheese, but after searching several times, neither of us could find any, so hubby opted for a bit of shredded cheddar, followed by shredded parmesan.

Quite the yummy meal! We're all full. And guess what? Tomorrow night I'll use the rest of the English muffins for tuna melts. YUM!

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