Friday, January 27, 2012

It's 2012, yessirree

Happy New Year! Guess it's a little late to say that. Maybe I should say something like Happy Super Bowl as that's the next major event for this month.

I was going to start a brand new blog where I can just say what's on my mind on any given topic but then I remembered this was here. I've got two others that are kind of in limbo, but I like the name of this and I think I'll use it more or just use it 100% of the time. If you like what you read, tell your friends. <3

So here we are in January. It is 40 degrees outside on my deck and I was outside with the dogs (so they could do their duties and most likely eat their duties because they are dogs) and it was just a bit too cold for my liking. I shall say that it was 26 this morning on the way to Costco and I was in the car but still I was cold as my wonderful hubby decided to open his window. Um.... hello?? Too cold! But he likes to have some fresh air whilst in the car.

I'm just rambling - get used to it. I tend to do that when I feel like babbling about everyday things.

Did you know that JC Penney is trying for a new image? Have you gotten the new catalog in the mail? Let me go get it. Well crud. Hubby took it. It's got a picture of a small girl's legs and feet in adult high heels. It's the February issue. February issue? ISSUE?? Like a magazine? It's basically just a waste of paper. It's thick and too busy, in my opinion. I was going to take pictures of it and post it here. If I can find it, I'll do that. But maybe you don't care. I just thought it was weird.

I'm trying the Special K 2-week weight loss challenge. You basically eat their food for breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and then you eat a sensible dinner. They have recipes on their website but they are for a single serving. I usually quadruple or double-quadruple them so I can feed my family as well. The recipes, so far, are quite tasty. You can also eat as many freggies (fruits and veggies) as you want if you get hungry. I'm all over that!

We are down to one income again as hubs got laid off. That's what happens when you work seasonal. It snowed. He got laid off. He's on, oh what did his boss call it... standby! He's on standby. He's also in school, so at least he can concentrate on homework while he isn't working.

I work, yes I do. From home, thank God!!! When we had the snow last week, and the power outages, I was either able to work (or not) when I could. No need to commute (hallelujah!).

Kids are doing typical kid things. My oldest, he's 14, has a friend over and they were supposed to be "quiet" while playing in his room. I hear them now. It is 5 p.m. It is almost time for son's ADD meds. Both my kids have to take meds for that. One of my sons has ADD and the other has ADHD but I think most people glom them together and either call it ADD or ADHD but not both. The kids have to take their evening meds around 6 p.m. or there will be serious issues. I really wish there was no need for meds but what do you do? Take them off the pills and let them freak out? I heard that sugar is to blame. Do know how many foods have sugar in them? How can I know what my kids are eating when they are away from the house? I can't control EVERYTHING they put in their mouths.

Guess that's about it for now. Have a good rest of the day and Happy Super Bowl!

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