Saturday, January 28, 2012

A birthday around the corner

I took the kids shopping for their dad's birthday next week. Last year, my husband's special day got overlooked because I was lying in bed recovering from foot surgery. Silly me, guess I should have thought ahead and shopped online, but in my drugged state I guess I didn't think of it. Today we were armed with a long wish list and hit about four places to shop. I think hubby will have a good birthday.

When we got home, I went online (to JC Penney, remember them?) and thought I'd shop for shirts for hubby. Well, darn, they didn't have his size in the color I wanted. Poo. So much for them. That ended my search for shirts. Guess I'll use that money to take him out for his birthday dinner. Upon much thought, he decided it would be fun to go for pizza and beer as opposed to a nice dinner out. Fine with me as the kids have school the following day and there's a pizza place close by with yummy food and good beer on tap.

Some of the things on hubby's birthday list don't require money, just time. Do you know how precious time is? Oh wait! Maybe I should be attempting one of his presents instead of typing! He would like the basement to be clean. That's a major undertaking, but... while he's at school perhaps I can work on that. Hmmm... my scheming mind is at work! I could pitch all the VHS tapes that never get watched. Does anybody even want those things anymore???

Side note: Do you know a good crispy pizza crust recipe? We've been looking for one and have not been successful. We don't have a pizza oven or a pizza stone and we make BIG pizzas.

Back to the birthday thing. Hubby wants one of those small cheesecakes you get at the grocery store. Last time I made one, it bit. It was sooooo bad! I used a pre-made graham cracker crust but you know what? I didn't do anything wrong, but it was our refrigerator to blame. It wasn't chilling properly and that thing didn't set! It was horrible! May as well have been pudding. Bleh! So I am going to save my sanity and buy him a cheesecake that we can cut into at least 4 slices.

Today started out sunny but turned to rain later in the day. Figures. I wanted to go for a walk!

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