Thursday, March 22, 2012

Excuses or just lack of time?

I'm pathetic. I can't even post in a timely manner (i.e., daily, weekly, monthly). I just come along when I remember I have a blog. Sorry.

In any given day, specifically a weekday, my routine consists of (in no particular order):

* showering and getting ready to sit at the computer for 8+ hours
* making sure kids get out the door in time for the school bus
* doing my at-computer job for 8 hours or so
* playing my daily games on
* visiting the message boards that I moderate or administrate
* eat
* help kids with homework (this also may include helping hubby with his)
* cook dinner
* write a letter
* do any chores that need doing (not ones the kids are supposed to do)
* drive kid(s) to before school and/or evening activities
* keep the woodstove going
* take dogs out to do their duties

I try to finish the day with a good book. Evening t.v. ain't the best, and even though hubby may like to watch it and fall asleep, I'd rather read a book.

So as I sit and drink my Diet Coke and type this, I have in my head all the things I need to do today before bed. I haven't quite eaten lunch yet and it's 2:31 p.m. In 30 minutes, my oldest son will arrive from school. He'll want a snack. Twenty-four minutes from then will be three more kids (one of which is mine) arriving and in need of snacks. I'll try to be done with any computer stuff by then because it is near impossible to get anything done with three kids age 10 and under wanting my attention. For some reason, my oldest (age 15) has got this all figured out and ends up in his room with the door closed. Gee, thanks, Jared! Grrr...

Ok, enough rambling. I'll try to post tomorrow... but tomorrow is full of activity (besides work) as I will be able to go bowling with my 9-yr-old son at his school. Should be interesting. Maybe I'll snap a few pics so I can show you (whoever reads this... does anybody read this?) what went down.



  1. Helloooo, Kristen!!! Yes, someone's reading and I'm tired just reading it! While it seems sometimes the days just fly, try to savor every one. Hope you get time with that book!


  2. Hello Nancy! Thank you for commenting and proving that someone out there is reading this. :)

    Yes, the days do fly by. In fact, my hubby was just telling the boys this the other day. It is so true that the older you get, the faster time slips by. It's not fair!

    I did get a chance to read last night and sadly, I was so pooped that I only finished one chapter. There's always this evening, however!