Monday, November 5, 2012

Full Circle

As I'm sitting here at the computer, my husband sits next to me at his. We are at the dining room table with laptops. He is doing schoolwork and I am working at my job. Remember how I work from home? Well, here's the thing: I was talking to my husband about an e-mail I got regarding an endorsement on LinkedIn from a long-ago friend. I recall telling him about my friend a while back and how she was in a bad car accident and needed physical therapy and... my husband said to me, "I'm trying to work." I said, "Now I know how K feels." (K being our youngest son who always talks to me while I'm trying to work and who is often told to be quiet). My husband then said, "Do I have to move?" Aghast, I said, "No." I felt just like my boy, who is 10, and very talkative. I feel for that kid, now that I know exactly how he feels!

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