Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oh, Happy Mail Day!

What to my wondering eyes did appear but a happy brown box on my doorstep. I thought to myself, "I didn't order anything, did I?" Then I remembered I'd ordered a FREE Kindle Fire with the points I'd earned from scanning my purchases for National Consumer Panel these last eight years. May as well get something for all that trouble! Actually, scanning isn't that bad - it's just time consuming. If you're interested in earning reward points for scanning (they send you a scanner for free along with instructions), go here: and sign up. The information that you scan is transmitted weekly via phone line. We don't have a traditional land line but instead have VOIP, so I had to replace my original scanner with an Internet-based one. It's still easy to use.

Well, I've gotten completely off topic! The Kindle Fire is very cool! I already have a Kindle 3G Wi-Fi model but after viewing the NCP rewards catalog, I decided the best thing (for me) was the Kindle Fire. I cannot wait to play with it! It has apps and Internet which I am not used to, except if you count my smartphone which has those as well. I am eager to see if I can purchase magazine subscriptions (my husband will love not having more paper coming into the house) as well as books from eHarlequin (which are not available for non-app Kindles). I will have fun playing with this thing!

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