Thursday, August 29, 2013

White Wines

Just so you know, white wines are not created equal. Take, for instance, Turning Leaf's 'Crisp White' wine. I bought it because I was looking for a new white wine and I knew from previous purchases that Turning Leaf wines were superb.

'Crisp White' is crisp, yes, but it's also somewhat sparkling or lightly carbonated - something I did not expect from a white wine. The aroma, when I took a sniff from the newly-opened bottle, was slightly sweet. Groan! I don't like sweet wine! Imagine my surprise when, after sipping from my glass, I found it to be very crisp and not sweet at all! Sure, there's a hint of sparkle or carbonation, but it's a welcome surprise!

Kudos to Turning Leaf for their imagination and ability to create new things which keep consumers coming back for more!

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